Sunday, May 11, 2014

A lot of the same

So in my last post I said I was moving and Kels and I were expecting another baby. Well life has settled a bit. We are all in good health and doing well. My hands have been idle for a while because I've been trying to set up a new shop.  I got it functional but not ideal. Here are some projects I've done over the last year. I'm mostly at this point just working on gardener market products but I got some things coming up.

Made this side table at work. Made out of a full slab of granite. Was way fun to make.

One of my market products. A box made from a board game. 

Bubble wands. I had to mod them a bit after this pic but they are fun.

Was going to be a coffee table but decided to just have it be a piece of wall art.

Just a selfie of me having fun in the shop.

Signs and coat racks.

Single hook coat racks.

More coat racks.

Coat racks and a letter station.

iPhone docks from pallets.

Flatware necklaces packaged for market.

Flatware windchimes. 
I'm really focused on doing good this year at the market. I plan on venturing out of the valley and going to some bigger markets. Thanks to everyone who supports me and helps me go forward.