Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kelsie's Jewelry Box

Again I had more pictures but I cannot find them this project was probably the hardest thing I've built yet and the most painful fun story for your laughs
My mother-in-law let me barrow a penny nailer a while ago and I thought I'd use it to put the bow together. Well I was doing pretty good for a while but stress a fatigue caught up with me. See I was working on at least 5 projects for Christmas and I had to much going through my head. Well I was nailing the face together and decided to do the slides at the same time. So moved it from it's back and sat it down on it's base to measure the rails, cut them, and sat them in there. Well being all wise and in a hurry I try to nail it standing up. So I put the gun up to the box and set my hand in the box to hold the rail steady and I tell myself right then I hope I don't shoot myself in the thumb then I pull the trigger. Sure as hell I missed the box all together and drive a nail 1 inch into my thumb. It did not hurt as bad as you might think. So I have Traves pull it out, clean it, bandage it and tell Kels. In all honesty it did not hurt. Well Kels panicked a little and had me go and get a tetanus shot. The doctor had me take some antibiotics after the shot which was fine. So I take one in the morning and go and work outside. Three hours latter I take another and my stomach starts to itch. No biggy I just go outside for three more hours. Come in strip down to take a shower and break out in hive all over my body. I start scratching my skin off. Long story short I was allergic to something in the antibiotics. It took three days for the effects to wear off. On top of that my arm was sore from the shot. So in the end I think I would have taken my chances with no shot. On the bright side the nail missed the bone.

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