Friday, June 18, 2010

Debbi's Birthday Bench

So I've started making these benches for people in my family this is the most recent one I have built two others. These are pretty easy and fast to build I plan on doing many more. Every time I do one I think of something better to do to it to make it look nicer.

My dad recently gave me a bundle of 2x4's so that is what I used

On this one I screwed 2 2x4's together instead of having every 2x4 by itself you will see on future post with my other benches

The process to level it seems to be the hardest but we are getting pretty good at it

My first benches I left the screw holes exposed like this and it drove me crazy but then I found something at the store

Wooden buttons they work perfectly I think it makes the bench

One prime coat and a couple layers of red paint later you get this little red garden bench

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