Friday, October 24, 2014


I don't keep up on this because i don't think people look at it. I had two people tell me they loved my stuff on my blog the other day and didn't even think they'd look on here. So here's the skinny on my life right now. Life got crazier. I'm still working at Evolution Design. I am now the operations manager "booya". I still build a lot of wood projects. My summer got crazy with soccer games, work, hiking trips, and everything in between. I'm still loving life and  loving my wife.  I am blessed enough to have a few things going on right now that will maybe give me some steady side work. I'm still not in love with my shop space i got but we have learned to try and get along.  I lose more tools now because everything gets misplaced for some reason but it's exciting when i find it again. So if your here just checking my blog because you grabbed my card from my booth thanks for checking me out. If your family checking to see if I still use this "hey". I'm going to be working on maybe getting a etsy account soon but till then don't be afraid to call or email me. I'm a fair price and I'd love to make you something unique.


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