Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ashton & Collins Family Tree

So I took this project on because I love my little sister and I like a good challenge. She wanted to make a family tree for her new in-laws but wanted to include both family's. Anyone who has looked at my blog knows that last year I did some family tree but they were just one family, so two seemed liked a challenge. But I said I'd do it and got to work.

I tried to just draw it out first but of course it didn't work so I had to tape a bunch of paper together and draw it out til I got what I needed. After we cut it out and used it as a template for the rest of the project.

After we drew it out my brother in-law router ed out the tree outline

We then filled it with black paint and sanded it.

We then taped it off to stain it.
(At this point I forgot to take some pictures so we fast forward)

Because everything was custom on this project i got to make one of my first frames. Which ends up being the biggest frame I make.

So stained and ready for the bottom leaves. I bought 200 2 1/4 leaves for this tree and used about 180 of them it was insane.

One hour and I got the bottom laid out and glued on. What I learned with the last one was that wood glue didn't hold up well when moving so I used glue that I use to laminate granite with. If those leaves fall off now I'd be real surprised.

Collins side

Ashton side

Names penciled on

Names marked on

I pre did all the leaves before I got to far so I was ready once I got to this part

Up close of what it looked like once done.

With my other trees it was just one family name so I was able to do a neat banner across the trunk so I was a little stumped what to do with this.

So I came up with these granite name plates

Collins side

Ashton side

Finished Product
this board is 3' x 4'

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