Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Karlin's Vanity

So for Christmas every year all the grand kids on my wife's side pick names for the kid they will get a gift. Of course the kid doesn't get it the parent does so I picked who I wanted this year because I wanted to build my favorite little niece a vanity.

I started with the base. Pre-cut the drawer hole out and 45 Cut the corners.

I then glued it together which proved to be difficult with the clamps I have but I figured it out.

I then glued the top to the drawer piece using granite glue.

The legs

The bench I made the exact way as the top.

For the back I just made up a design I didn't really know what I was doing I made it up as I was going.

After I cut it out I routered where the mirror was going to sit.

When I got to this point I felt that something was missing.

So I went and bought some accent pieces to make it a little more girly.

Painted and drying

Done all accept for the mirror and seeing I did this in two days then took it to my mother-in-laws house after I didn't get a picture with a mirror in it.

When I gave it to her she didn't quite know what it was but after I told her what it was she loved it so It was worth building it.

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