Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So yeah I really don't do good at taking photos for my blog.  I built quite a bit in 2012 just didn't take a lot of photos.  Well here's the skinny on whats going to happen in 2013.  Kelsie (my love) and I are moving.  Kelsie is having a baby in July and our little home is just that little.  We will be moving into my mother-in-laws rental home for awhile.  To any friends out there who read this we will miss you and you should keep in touch unless you are glad to see us go then don't.  Any who that means my shop is getting packed up for a few months.  I guess it doesn't matter I can't go outside as it's been 0o outside for a while now to cold to build.  So yeah beside I don't post a lot in the first place don't expect anything for a while now.

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