Thursday, November 22, 2012

Flatware Bracelets

 Okay for my crazy story.  At the beginning of the market season I was doing bad.  I wasn't getting anybody to really buy my stuff.  Well not enough to make it worth going every week.  The thing that really got me was that I there was lots of people coming and buying stuff but not my stuff.  So instead of giving up I looked at what people were buying.  Jewelry and there were lots of booths selling jewelry.  So I went home and thought about it.  what could I make that nobody else was that would get people to notice me.  Well I like my silverware coat hooks and silverware wind chimes so I thought flatware bracelets.  Went online and looked some up and came up with a design I could do.  So I made maybe fifteen and went back to the market. BOOM BABY that was it.  I sold almost all of them.  So I made more and once people looked at my bracelets they started to look at my other stuff.  I started to do good after that and it was all fun after that.  I now do necklaces and rings but didn't take any pictures once I get my stock built up I will take some photos.

 These are some of the first generation prototypes.  They are a better looking now and easier to make.

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