Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Game Night Game Table

So last year I wanted to bring my family and friends closer so I started a game night. We actually started a few years back playing darts but in the winter we would stop because of how cold it is outside. Anyways so I started game night. So at first we would play in my kitchen at the counter which would hurt our butts sitting on bar stools for so long. So I decided to make a game table. Lucky for me somebody at work tore out this piece of wood that worked perfect.

So I made it as big as I could at first I didn't know if I wanted round or a octagon shape. Traves and I decided on the octagon.

This is to show you how big it was.

Cut out I think it was awesome.

I router ed the edge with just a 1/4 round bit.

Now I just use what I have so I used this old sheet to wrap the outside boarder. It worked pretty nice I will eventually change it.

Traves pocket jigged the boarder together to make it easier for us to move during assembly.

So I was going to paint the middle but I ended up putting some green flannel in the middle I again might go back and change that.

This is the only picture I have of what it ended up looking like it might be hideous but it is awesome. We now have more game players so we have moved back to the kitchen to play but it was still fun to make.

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