Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garretts Toy Box

This is a continue of the last post. I also got my nephew Garrett to get a gift for. He love Legos. So what goes good with Legos. A Lego toy box. I've seen one like this and have always wanted to make one so I was happy I got to make one for him.

All I did to make it look like a Lego was cut a 2" dowel into 1" tall pieces then screwed them onto the lid

I put door hinges on because I know how rough boys can be with there toys.

All I did for the handles was screw a giant duplo Lego on. It looked pretty good.
Put some heavy duty chain in as a lid stop. Again I know how hard boys are on things.
I was going to put his name on it but I liked just the plain look.
It was a hit. Every kid was swarming it. Garrett kept just opening it and closing it. He really liked it.

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