Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ethans Pirate Bed (the lid)

 So at the front of his bed I wanted to have a storage space for toys, blankets, etc.  Well I first wanted to make it a hinged lid but his room design and the idea I had did not work.  I liked what I came up with a lot better and it looks neat.

This was my attempt.  The wood was warped funny and it wasn't structurally sound.  I also wanted it kind of hidden.  So I scrapped this idea.

This is my second and better idea.  I laid a piece of wood across the top and glued and nailed it down.  I then made a shelf system inside for the lid to sit down on that way it was flush with the trim and hidden.

After I had painted it, it was loud just being red.  I wanted to add some octopus decals on it so I thought one would be good here.  I drew this out on some 1/8 wood then Traves scrolled it out for me. 

I wanted it bold so I painted it white.  It looks awesome.

A little close up. I did not actually just draw this out I found a picture I like and copied it.  So thank you artist man for being so awesome.

What it looks like all said and done.  He always is getting in it which is funny because I thought he'd almost never get in it.  So I'm glad I came up with this idea.

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