Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wooden Table with Granite Inlay

 So I come home from work a few weeks ago and my wife tells me the young ladies in our ward were going to hold a silent auction and wanted to know if I want to donate anything to there cause.  I do a lot of garden benches so I said I'd do one for it.  Well I've had this table idea bouncing around my head and I say to myself hey you should make that for them to.  So here it is.

I kept it simple so you could put it outside in the house or where ever.  First I made my granite piece so I had something to go off of.  All I did then was make a frame to go around it.  Slid the granite into frame and had a pretty neat table.

I then just added a border around the bottom of the frame so I could attach some legs.

Just another shot from a little farther back

Took it outside and painted it black

Brought it inside slid the granite back in.  Then I put a coat of polyurethane on it and called it good.  I plan on building more and now that I've done it once I will be able to do some more inter grate stuff next time.

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Danno said...

Is the granite exactly level with the wood? Did you have to plane the wood?

Looks great!