Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ethans Pirate Bed (the helm)

 Every pirate ship needs a helm(a steering wheel).  I was going to try and just buy one but after looking at allot of them I figured it wouldn't be to hard to make.

I tryed to make it as easy as possible because if he busts anything on it I want to be able to fix it.  So this is what I came up with.  First I made 2 outer circles.  Then I made 2 inner circles.  At first I bought a dowel for the handles but ended up using a couple of broken shovel handles I had.  I then placed 1 inner circle and 1 outer circle down on my table.  I then spaced out my handles out on top of them.  Then I place the other inner and outer circle on top making a sandwich if you will.  Got out the nail gun and nailed it all together.

This was the result.  Turned out pretty good I thought.  Note: I put in a dowel in the inner circles to make sure they were lined up right. 

Now as you can see I mounted it kind of high but that was because I was adding a decorative top on to cover it sort of.

Here it has the decorative piece on and I got all the nail holes filled and sanded. as you can tell the wheel is still a little high than the decorative piece but you can see what I was going for.

Here it is all finished.  I think it is one of the best parts and so does my kid.  Every night he has to park his boat before he goes to sleep. 

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