Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cheesegrater Windchime

So this is one of my Gardeners Market projects.  I had someone tell me I should make a windchime to draw people in.  Well it did the first one I made sold way fast.  I forgot to take a picture of it because I acually didn't think someone would buy it.  I made it more for show.  people though love these flatware windchimes.  Here is one I really liked.

 So here it is all done I try and make them so they will last forever.

This one sounded pretty good compared to others that just look neat.

 I accually spend awhile looking for good flatware that makes a half decent sound when they clang together.

I found this pretty cool old cheesegrater at the thrift store.  I usually use metal bowls so this one got to be different.

The pole in the midle actually doesn't do as much as you think it might.  I just have some laying around and try to put it to use.

I wish I could find more cheesegraters like this I really liked this one.

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