Thursday, November 22, 2012

Signs and Coat Racks

 Summer is now over and so is my stretch at the Gardeners Market.  I had so much fun at the market and got to meet some great people.  I got some fun stories I will share.  Most likely you won't care but they were good times for me.  To start off this was my main product so to speak.  I made so many of these coat racks and signs.  I didn't even take pictures of all of them, mostly because I made the same ones over and over.  If you are interested in any of these I can remake them in any color just as a to let you know.

 So my big seller was coat racks with birds on them.  Had to do with some TV show.  Well I got tired of doing so many birds I'd mix it up a bit and do some different things.  One of my favorite ones was this octopus.  I liked painting the one on Ethan's bed so I wanted to do it again.

 Besides the fact mustaches are the big thing right now who doesn't like a mustache coat rack. 

So everyone has a vinyl board in there house that is inspirational.  I wanted to do it but with style i guess.  So instead of vinyl that peels off I painted mine which means my are permanent.  Then I did a rustic technique I learned to make them my style.

 I had this lady come in to my booth and give me some knobs she said she had just laying around.  This is one of the coat racks I made with them.

 This is my sign.  I made so many of these.  People loved them.  I loved them.  I don't think that I ever brought one home after I made it.

 This was my bird design coat rack that sold the best.  I did it in so many colors and with so many different hooks and knobs.  These knobs were also donated by the same lady.

 Just mixin it up.

 I did this one a couple of times.  One guy traded me a box of produce for one.  There is acually a billboard in town with this quote on it.  Kelsie loved the quote so I thought it would be a good one for one of my signs.

 So Ethan got in this habbit this summer of going around and telling me " I can't".  Know matter what he said "I can't" drove me crazy.  I would tell him over and over how do you know you can't you havn't tried.  I saw this quote and had to do it.  I had it for a long time.  Then I got to trade it with this awesome guy I met at the market.  He made these belt buckles out out recyled bike parts and metal. 

 I got a lot of comments on this one.  I thought it was a fun design.

 Towards the end I was doing many different bird designs.  Can't complain if they are going to sell.  i liked this one a lot.  The more I do the more designs I want to try.  Next year is going to be even funner and I'm already working on my stock.

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