Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pallet Coffee Table

Heres one of my products for my Gardeners Market booth.  I like how easy it is to make but how fun it is as well.  As simple as it is I of course want it to last so I do wha tI do best and Martined it.

I of course did not take many picture I'm getting in a bad habit of doing that.  But first I found some pallets that matched each other.  I then got some beat up wheels I got from work that we were thoughing out(they worked great with this project seeing I was going with a very chunky rustic feel).  So first I attached the wheels using some also pretty beat up bolts laying around.

I was going to use a 4x4 for the legs but it looked funny because they were so new.  So I pulled out some old 2x4's I had laying in my fire wood pile that have been getting weathered for a while.  I then just made my own 4x4 legs as shown.  I think it just made it look better but what do I know.  I attached them with frame support angles I bought at Lowes.  There are 4 on each leg making it way sturdy.

This is it all done.  As I said it's pretty simlpe but fun.  I like it because you could put it in your house or outside.

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