Thursday, November 22, 2012


 So at the beginning of the summer I had a hard time getting people into my booth.  It got frustrating.  So I thought that if I had a wind chime that I could smack once and awhile and get people to notice me they would come check my stuff out.  Well it sort of work.  I made one for show.  Instead I had someone want to buy it.  So what do I do, Sell it of course.  Well then I made another and agian sold it.  So then it became another item.  They weren't the most popular but they were fun

 A muffin pan and silverware.  I did this one a couple of times it was a fan favorite.

I thought this one would sell fast but it didn't old wrenches.  I have modified it a little since this photo.  I think I might just keep it for myself.  Or just keep hanging it someone might get it someday.

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